Tuesday, January 19, 2016

DIY Earrings Display using Cereal Box cardboard

I made this ear rings display using cereal box card board.
I used 2 card boards so that display becomes sturdy.
Approximate height 11 inches.
Thanks Shylashree for the tutorial

Feel free to use this template to make this kind of display.

Simple steps to make this display :
1. Draw tree shape or trace above pattern on one cardboad.
2. Cut that cardboard.
3. Trace first cardboad pattern on second cardboad.
3. Cut 2nd cardboad.
4. Align these 2 cardboads and glue them together.
5. Make holes with screw driver or any sharp object. I tried using hole punch but beautiful of thinkness I was not able to use that.
6. Cut rectangle base and triangle back support from different heavy cardboad. ( I used amazon packing box piece ).
7. Apply color to tree, base and support. Let it dry.
8. First glue tress and base then support. I used hot glue gun but if you don't have hot glue gun you can use the method that mentioned in original tutorial.

I hope this will help you.

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