Friday, July 20, 2018

100 Days of Paper Quilling Challenge

One of my Quilling Buddy  Priyanka started very interesting event 100 Days of Paper Quilling.  As the name suggests the challenge will be to quill everyday for 100 days in a row. It doesn't have to be anything big or complicated, just have to be quilled! 

Here is more information about this challenge

How to go about it so I ensure its achieved?
It's understandable that any time pegged task is best achieved with proper planning and that's exactly what I have in mind for this. Here is what I have planned...
- a pre planned list of topics
- prepare paper tiles of either 3'x 3' or 4'x4' in advance to quill on them.
- plan the design on the said topic in such a way that actual quill time is limited to 20-30 mins.
- keep it simple!
Who can do it?
Anyone who knows quilling, is a beginner or a pro or anyone who doesn't know quilling... What better way to start!
Why should I join?
Practice makes perfect!
Plenty of learning as there will be lots of tricks and tips to be shared while on this journey..
Chance to quill on variety of topics.
Mutual support system - let's motivate each other😊
Start date - 24th July'18
End date - 31st Oct'18

The topics are divided in 10 broad categories with certain number of days allotted to each category in a total of 100 projects-
1. 14 days of Flowers
2. 5 days of Desserts
3. 26 days of Alphabets
4. 10 days of Festivals
5. 10 days of Numbers
6. 5 days of Nature friends
7. 10 days of Colors
8. 5 days of combing + husking
9. 5 days of Quilled Scraps
10. 10 days of anything goes

I hope I can do this challenge. If you want to join this challenge you can join it. It's free and nothing to loose.

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