Sunday, March 17, 2019

Paper Quilling Om ॐ Wall Frame/Wall Art/Home Decor/Wall Decor/Office Decor/Gift/Handmade Gift

Paper Quilling Om ॐ Wall Frame/Wall Art/Home Décor/Wall Décor/Office Décor/Gift/Handmade Gift

This beautiful Om frame is made up of 6 mm paper strips using Paper Quilling technique.

Paper quilling is an art in which strips of paper are rolled, shaped and glued together to create beautiful decorative designs.

This frame is perfect for decorating your home, office or gift giving.

Frame Size is 6 by 8 inches. Actual Viewing Ares is 5 by 7 inches. 
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*********************************************************************************** Thank you very much for visiting my blog. Each paper quilling product is hand varnished to make it sturdy, durable and water resistant. If you want to buy anything or need some more information please email me -


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