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Paper Quilling Jewelry Workshop at Artisan Studio, Leesburg

Join us for an enchanting journey into the world of paper quilling jewelry! In this workshop, participants will discover the artistry and finesse of transforming delicate strips of paper into stunning wearable pieces. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crafter, this workshop promises to ignite your creativity and inspire you to explore new horizons in jewelry making.

Throughout the workshop, you'll learn essential paper quilling techniques, including rolling, shaping, and securing strips of paper to create intricate designs. Trupti More will guide you through each step, providing personalized tips and tricks to help you master the craft with ease.

Unleash your imagination as you experiment with various colors, patterns, and textures to craft unique earrings, pendants, and bracelets. From vibrant floral motifs to sleek geometric designs, the possibilities are endless!

By the end of the workshop, you'll leave with a collection of exquisite paper quilling jewelry pieces that reflect your style and creativity. Whether you wear them yourself or give them as thoughtful gifts to loved ones, these handmade treasures are sure to make a statement wherever they go.

No prior experience is necessary to participate in this workshop—just bring your enthusiasm and eagerness to learn! Join us and discover the joy of paper quilling jewelry making in a welcoming and supportive environment.


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