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Paper Quilling Workshop for Beginners @Chantilly, VA

Paper Quilling Workshop
Paper Quilling Workshop

Discover how to turn simple-looking paper strips into beautiful art by paper quilling. Paper quilling involves paper strips that are rolled, looped, curled, and manipulated in other ways to produce and combine shapes to create designs.

In this workshop, your host Trupti More will introduce you to tools and most of the basic techniques of quilling. With these basic techniques, you will make beautiful cards in this workshop. You could create bookmarks, ornaments, photo frames, and much more using these same techniques.

Quilling is not just an art, it also helps with relaxation and hand-eye coordination. Quilling works well for kids and adults.

No prior experience is required to make these cards.

Tools and materials will be provided for the workshop.

Complete Quilling Kits can be purchased at $20


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